Jamaican musician eLouise has released a rather summery album with a few epic compositions in it like COVID-19 lock-down themed song - "Never Feel I'm Poor" basing all lyrics on ancient tractat Thirukkural.

eLouise is definitely synonymous in the world of artists. She's not just a reggae artist or a singer - she does almost everything. She also creates the title images of her songs. She is no longer an amateur or a beginner - she even has a professional artist's website - www.eLouiseReggae.com!

Remember that on October 25 last year, she handed over a song called "Obedience Is My Second Name" to the audience. It is also available on all leading digital music streaming platforms.

There are, for the time being, three other songs in the musician's album I want to mention. Her first project incredible song due to the db sounds in the middle of the songs- what is something unusual for eLouise - is Compasion, next song worth of mentioning is One More Good Deed - it indeed turns you on on thinking about doing something good instantly! And finally I wish to mention Impact of a Favor - very positive and righteous song!

The musician comes from the Jamaica - Kingston. She is a relatively big Jah fan and this is also proved by the titles of his latest song, which is in honor of the English football team "Fair And Righteous ".

The musician is really very talented and everyone has to hear his work to make sure. This is also proved by the fact that he already has more than 20,000 loyal listeners every month on the Spotify platform. If she is able to play her cards correctly, then in time she will definitely conquer the tops of the music charts and perform on the big festival and concert stages. Let's just keep our fingers crossed for the musician and continue to support her together!

We offer to listen to the song "Never Feel I'm Poor" created by eLouise. We also invite you to support the musician by following it on social networks. Instead of a reference, there is a link that will take you to the musician's Instagram profile. Don't be shy - follow the musician's Instagram profile. It's free, will only ask you for a few seconds, but will give you insanely huge support for the new reggae talent .