On this year's May 26 we got a spectacular surprise from Jamaican reggae artist eLouise. You can find her new and first solo album on the music players - ''My Jamaican Roots''. It is now available on all main music streaming and downloading platforms.

eLouise from Jamaica started this year with her successful solo album due to winning in the Best Female Reggae Competition last year when her song was included in The Best Milky And Juicy Female Reggae Collection.

Young artist has such an incredible singles as ''Never Feel I am Poort'', ''Compassion'', ''One More Good Deed'' and of course the main song of an album - ''Fair and Righteous'', being actually the first song to set the direction on this whole reggae music album. Her voice in generously bright and uplifting. Everyone should listen to singing of eLouise to understand what treasures are hidden in the deep meaningful lyrics mixed together with powerful voice.

If you go to a festival or a concert, you will be able to enjoy the festival and the concert, and if you don't go to the festival and concert, you will be able to play music to the top. I have a lot to do with it. We are sure all eLouise needs before she starts performing as an big artist around the world from Jamaica is just have a little bit more songs – but as much as we know she is currently doing a big job on it!

"Whenever we play her new reggae songs on our online radio station mind108.com from eLouise's new album "My Jamaican Roots" the crowd goes wow", says Martins Ate, producer of eLouise also known to work with stars like zHustlers, Ninti Ate and Fatima Ezzahra. The song we are going to offer to you today for listening is ''Compassion'', pretending to be one of the best song in this incredible solo debut album. We ask you to provide a support for eLouise – share, like and listen to her music as well as follow our social profiles. It will take for you just a little bit of your time but will help young and talented artists to generate more quality music!

Listen to her online album now on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7oQWDQf7hAv3w1unsaFSDM